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By author: Bart King   Illustrated by: Jennifer Kalis
Product Code: 58193
ISBN: 978-1-58685-819-3
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Gibbs Smith
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Big Book of Girl Stuff, The

The Big Book of Girl Stuff shares everything a girl needs to know—from sleepovers to diaries to makeup to boys to shopping, and everything in between! It's the ultimate guide to unlocking the delightful mysteries of being a girl.

Dozens of girls, young women, teachers, and mothers collaborated on this book to make it the most comprehensive guide to being a girl that has ever existed! Perfect for pre-teen, 'tween, and teenage girls, The Big book of Girl Stuff shares inspiration, empowerment, and some seriously silly laughs just when girls need it the most!

It's filled with information, activities, quotes, and games, as well as lists for favorite books, movies, and music. Smart asides, fascinating facts, an enlightened outlook, and a uniquely feminine perspective make this a must have for every girl. Though it's written for girls from 9 to 14, it will certainly delight moms, aunts, and big sisters everywhere!

Find answers to a girl's most important questions:

  • Why are horses so cool?
  • How do I stop a boy from crying?
  • How do I fake a cell phone conversation?
  • How can I make the world a better place?
  • Which country considers pierced ears bad luck?
  • When is International Sea Monkey Day?
Big Book of Girl Stuff

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Review by: Katy Killilea, Kidoinfo - April 22, 2009
Bart King is my new hero. On the surface, his books might look like they’re getting by on being similar to the ubiquitous Dangerous Book for Boys. King’s pocket guides—with illustrations of paper airplanes, Chuck Taylors, and a slingshot on their covers—do cash in on that kind of scrappy retro charm. But these books are something entirely different. These books are hilarious. And informative—if you want to know how to get the best of your nemesis or play toilet tag. What makes these special is not only that they’re well-written, well-designed, and funny, but also that they present information that is actually new and actually useful (again, useful to the sorts of people who like to play toilet tag). A few tantalizing sample tastes: From The Pocket Guide to Mischief: “You’ll need some cream cheese. First, roll the deodorant out maybe half an inch . . .” From The Pocket Guide to Games: “Fill several balloons with water, and hang one from a tree . . .” From The Pocket Guide to Boy Stuff: “Here are two hand-grenade designs that you can use that won’t start a fire . . .” If these don’t seem gender-neutral enough, and you have a daughter who is into this kind of thing, rest assured that Bart King also has girl versions: The Big Book of Girl Stuff gracefully and barely touches on puberty, but includes plenty of pranks, code names, and hijinx for kids who like bright pink more than baseballs on the covers of their books. Should someone you know be interested, visit the author’s web site: It includes video clips illustrating some of the guides’ proposed activities!

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