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Ordinary Mary's Extraordinary Deed

“... shows the importance your actions can have on others, but it also shows the ways your actions can ripple out to affect total strangers.” - BuzzFeed

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Entertain in gracious French style

My French Country Home

"Put away all your other hosting books because this one has everything you could ever need and more!" - The Cottage Journal

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Starred Kirkus Review

The Carpenter

"Creativity abounds in this wordless tale of an overalls-clad adult and similarly dressed child spending time together in a wood shop ... A joyful invitation to participate in invention." - Kirkus

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Coloring Books


Our Red Barn

We create magic from a Red Barn on a three acre farm in the midst of suburbia in the Intermountain West, surrounded by fields and mountains and animals.


Our Peregrine Falcon

Our logo represents our company, and like the falcon itself, we go beyond the borders of home. Fast, nimble, innovative, always with our eyes on the next new idea and opportunity.


Our Employee Owners

Our employees are owners of the company. And as a benefit corporation, we all believe in giving back.

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